Levitating Death Star Speaker Exists And It Is The Speaker You’re Looking For

Are you looking to expand your Star Wars collection memorabilia? Of course you are! Do you also by any chance need new speakers? You do? What are the odds! Than you’re in luck. Tech Manufacturer Hellosy has created the perfect gadget for you. It’s a levitating Death Star speaker that floats in mid air and also connects via bluetooth.


This beauty Death Star Levitating speaker will float oh so gracefully like floating in space, Don’t worry though, it won’t blow up any planets ( at least we hope. ) It is battery powered and can play music for up to eight hours, you also get a charger, charging cradle and a USB cable, you know, the usual stuff. Oh, and one lat thing we forgot to mention, it also GLOWS IN THE DARK – BOOM!

Now comes the hard part, to get this cool cool Levitating Death Star Speaker Star Wars memorabilia, you need to say goodbye to $400 ( or buy a used one for roughly half price ), you can get it on Amazon here. But before you make up your mind, just remember, the force is strong within you, and Star Wars Shi* make you complete. Geek out.

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