Prince Armory Created An Awesome Medieval Iron Man Suit

Samuel Lee from Prince Armory is a master craftsman, he always was, so it’s no surprise that when founded the company it was a huge success pretty fast. The armors and costumes he creates for the company are just awe-inspiring, they are works of art and useful too that are being made with love and passion.

Pretty amazing they all are made with lots of leather, Prince Armory has many clients including legends of Broadway, big hollywood studios and even just cosplay enthusiasts, who ever goes to him, knows he gets a one of a kind suit or armor, because every piece he makes is really one of a kind. He never creates the same costume twice, no matter who asks of it.

Lee has had the opportunity to build and design lots of pop culture armors for famous characters such as Darth Vader and even the Joker from Batman. But maybe the most creative work and most known one is the Iron Man armor you see in the photos below. Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments. More info: Website | Facebook

At the begining of Lee’s career, he only made foam props before learning to craft sophisticated suits

prince armory 2

To get Prince Armory to where it is today, Lee worked hard and long to create full body suits for movie studios and Broadway


Eventually he was able to transition from just a hobby builder into a full successful business

prince armory 4

” I was in my late teens, and was interested in LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and renaissance festivals ” Lee says


Lee says he tries to do something different with every Prince Armory projects, so the suits are essentially all original


When getting a new client, Lee tries to extract his essence before creating the piece and incorporate it with the completed model, thus creating a unique piece for each client


It’s easy to see that he’s pretty good at his job

prince armory 8

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