TFW Meaning Is That Feel When – You’re Welcome

TFW means That Feel When. That’s it, you can move on to the next article now.

But if you want to go deeper, here’s some info for you about the tfw slang term. The term is mainly used on social media sites and it is not grammatically correct so don’t use it when it’s important to speak or write with no errors.

There are many internet slang acronym that people love to use, but the tfw is one of the most popular ones to use. Usually people use TFW to express some kind of emotion or feeling that other people can relate to. Think about starting to say something to your best friend and he totally gets it before you even finish your story. That’s what good internet slang words are and so does the tfw acronym.

Let’s learn a few examples on how and when to use this term:

” TFW you finally get home after a 12 hour shift. “, ” TFW your smartphone battery is on red but you need to make an important call right now “. There are many other examples, but you get it right? GOOD.

If you still didn’t get it, just understand that in general you would use this acronym at the beginning of your sentence and then follow it with a mundane everyday thing that everyone knows or does. The point is that people could easily relate to what you’re saying without thinking about it.

You can also use the tfw meaning acronym to make people laugh. The internet is a master at creating hilarious memes and puns based on everyday slang words and this is no exception. Try and use it with a more humor style text, for example: ” TFW you eat a donut and Homer Simpson is looking right at you ”

Now while using humor is usually the best way to use the tfw line. Some users will just use it in a ridiculous way by saying something at the beginning of the sentence and than something else completely ridicules at the end to make sure they exaggerate and make you laugh fast and hard.

Where did the TFW term originated?

The origin of the TFW acronym is not really known, however, it has been said that it might be related to the I know That Feel Bro meme, if you don’t know this meme, it’s a drawn character hugging another character as if he were empathizing with him. If first appeared online back in 2010.

tfw meaning

Memes have been around ever since the internet came along, and most of them are used to transfer some kind of sarcasm point or burn someone, but the TFW meme doesn’t have to do that. It actually tries to relate with the user and make him feel like ” we get it ”

Now that you know what the tfw means, please feel free to browse the internet and find some cool tfw pictures and share them with your friends

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