11 Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Heavy Lifters

One of the best ways to maintain your body and build muscle is by engaging in Weight Lifting. So many people enjoy working out in the gym, but with that sadly, hardened hands are a typical symptom of many visits to the gym and working out a lot especially with weights. Want to make sure you keep those well-manicured fingernails so you hands won’t have blisters? Try one of these best weight lifting gloves.

Here are some good weight lifting gloves you can get for affordable prices:

1. Nike Perforated Wrap Women’s Training Gloves – best weight lifting gloves item #1

Nike Perforated Wrap Women's Training Gloves - best weight lifting gloves item #1

These set of synthetic leather Nike weight lifting gloves comes with a cushion that provides an additional layer of protection and part security when engaging in pull-ups or the horrible deadlifts. They are punctured so as to allow aeration between the palms and designed for women ergonomically. Weightlifting has no gender. Therefore, women can also partake in it. This model is pretty good.

2. Gold’s Gym Weight lifting Gloves

Gold's Gym Weight lifting Gloves

No doubt that Gold’s Gym may be known to be brimming with chubby people who gaze at themselves in the mirror, and occasionally drink unknown liquids to recover their energy during lifting. However, the company has produced good leather weightlifting gloves to protect your hands, and as an added bonus, they won’t use up every last cent you have.

3. Rock Tape G-Loves – good weight lifting gloves

Rock Tape G-Loves - good weight lifting gloves

This model item will provide you with a full grip that will assist while doing muscle-ups or anything on the rings if that’s your thing.

You’ll likewise value the thumb protection that helps you get a better hold on the barbell. Not many people like their thumb covered, but if you do, these gym gloves would be good for you.

4. Under Armour Flux Women’s Training Gloves

Under Armour Flux Women's Training Gloves

Let’s be honest: Rough hands are not attractive and we don’t want them, but a beautifully shaped body is. You don’t need to worry about the sweat that will emanate from your hands, all thanks to these moisture-absorbent hand-protecting safety gloves from Under Armour, which keeps your hands soft. This company is known for their high quality sport products so we could expect these gloves to be the same.

5. Harbinger 155 Power Stretch-Back Gloves

Harbinger 155 Power Stretch-Back Gloves

The flexible, Lycra material of the Harbinger 155 gloves makes getting these safety gym gloves on a piece of cake. They’re ideal for anyone who wants their fingers to be free and can easily grasp weights. Sounds like the perfect item right? Be sure to try these.

6. Trovis Long Wrist Wrap Gloves

Trovis Long Wrist Wrap Gloves

Are you uncomfortable with the way your hand gets wet? This is where these grips from Trovis come in, to ensure that the major part (upper palm and wrist) that needs it most are being protected and keeping you healthy to go back to the gym again and again.

7. Reebok Women’s CrossFit Gloves with Kevlar

Reebok Women's CrossFit Gloves with Kevlar

Slide your hands into these weight power lifting gloves and adjust the band for more hand balance and a customize fit. The palm is made of  Kevlar (used in bulletproof vests) things used in perfect vests), for additional protection and toughness anytime there is mishandling of the equipment. These will get the job done, every time.

8. RAGE Leather Hand Grips

RAGE Leather Hand Grips

These are the less expensive option for grips and they offer additional protection to the hardest skin that is vulnerable to injury. They’re also very easy to put on and remove. They can likewise be kept in your pocket in a situation whereby you don’t want to put them on throughout your entire exercise but still want to keep them close on hand. 

9. Valeo Performance Lifting Gloves

Valeo Performance Lifting Gloves

The net at the back of these gloves allows for adequate air flow when you use these safety gloves. That, along with a combine cushion supports in the front, makes the Valeo Performance Lifting Gloves a great choice for every heavy lifter.

10. Anvil Fitness Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Anvil Fitness Best Weight Lifting Gloves

If you don’t like the way your thumb is stifled together, but like the protection that these safety gloves offer, then try out this thumb-less pair. They also have ideally placed pull-tabs so that they’re more convenient to put on and remove. Going to the gym with these babies will improve your workouts for sure.

11. Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves with Gel Padding

Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves with Gel Padding

Looking for more protection? Gel padding might be the option! Gel and foam will protect the front of your hands in these gloves. If your palms appear sweaty after a hard workout, toss them in the washing machine to prevent that “gym-bag smell.”

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