Top 10 Egg Poachers To Make Perfect Eggs In The Morning

Preparing an egg to look perfect has always been like sitting down in the exam hall looking at the difficult questions staring at you right in the face. Well this is where egg poachers come in and help you, and to make the best poached egg, you need the best egg poachers money can buy!

Everyone wishes to make a perfect poached egg, but some of us beginners have been thriving over them for years. Well, life has become easier with the introduction of the Egg Poachers. Now, let’s crack some eggs for breakfast with some of the Top 10 egg poachers we have. From unskillful chef to an ill-fated beginner, our list will help you get the perfect poached eggs.  

1. Scan Pan Impact 20cm Egg Poacher – best egg poachers

Scan Pan Impact 20cm Egg Poacher - best egg poachers

Do you like having your eggs floating over water instead of dissolving? Then this Danish classic is the best you can get for such. This weighty pan has a transparent cover and has simple removable pods that slip into place while the water is boiling, which makes it easier for you to cook four poached eggs according to your preference. This takes approximately 3 ½ minutes. Made for every type of hobs, as well as induction. It is made of high-quality materials.

2. Poachpods


Break the egg inside these silicone pods by placing them in boiling water. The boiling water might splash on them, but you can always lose them with tongs when you remove the pods and drain to dry.

We discovered they worked best with a quick spray of oil in the pod before filling it in a closed pan lid. This is the second item on our list of top egg poachers and it’s a good one.

3. Egg Cooker

Egg Cooker

We like gadgets that work well and Lakeland brand never disappoints, regardless of what your kitchen needs. This egg cooker can do you a fleecy omelet or fried eggs. Boil up to six to your taste or poach to flawlessness in one the removable trays. Simply add some water to the tray underneath, and set the switch to X. Yummy!

4. Premier Microwave Egg Cooker

Premier Microwave Egg Cooker

Everyone likes their eggs in the morning to be in the form of Heart-shaped, your loved one is included right? This plastic tray is designed to fit perfectly inside a microwave, and it just takes around 90 seconds to create smooth poached eggs. Spread a little butter on all the tray first, after that, shove the yolk with a fork first or things could get messy. Don’t forget to thanks us later!

5. Eddington’s Egg Poacher

Eddington’s Egg Poacher

This old-fashioned egg poacher from Eddington is developed to hook onto the side of your pan. Compared to the pods we examined and reviewed before, you won’t be able to break the egg inside in advance, as there are openings in the base of each egg-shaped holder to allow the water penetrate inside. Use a fabric material while removing it as it gets hotter and make me two eggs please!

6. Toast N’ Egg N’ Beans

Toast N’ Egg N’ Beans

Do you like a toasted bread with your eggs poached on it? Who doesn’t right?! Then this device will do the deeds. Requires little cleaning up after use. There are two slots where you can insert your slices of bread for toasting with a poacher connected to it (you can either warm beans or boil your eggs if that’s how you want it). It doesn’t occupy the entire space.

7. Chef’n Yolkster Egg Poacher

Chef’n Yolkster Egg Poacher

This gadget made up from plastic and silicon with a suspended sleeve basket gadget allows water to boil around the egg while cooking it good, allowing it to poach evenly. Best placed in a lightweight pan, so the water just covers the egg, the handle makes it simple to remove and drain by hanging the edge of the pan. Looks innovative, right?

8. Poachies Bags

Poachies Bags

Insert one of the poachers’ bag inside a bowl or small container and break an egg inside, and then lower into boiling water. The bag closes by itself without touching it, thereby making it delicious and at the same time, giving it a smooth- toasties in five to six minutes. The way they slide from the bag makes it look enchanting too.

9. George Home Non-Stick Egg Poacher

George Home Non-Stick Egg Poacher

Though this may not be the best pan ever created, if it’s for periodic use and you have a place to store the specially-built poacher, then give this a try. It’s possible the water might not boil evenly over its 20cm size, so ensure you position the pan directly on the fire so as to get perfect eggs.

10. Egg Boiler and Poacher – last item on the best egg poachers list

Egg Boiler and Poacher - last item on the best egg poachers list

A little bit bigger than Lakeland’s automatic egg cooker, the Swan version can boil up to seven eggs at once on its smooth, medium or hard settings, or it can completely poach three eggs. There’s a cup graded with dimensions and a simple manual guide, but the common concept is ‘more water, harder eggs’ when arranging the setup.

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