Top Online Tools for the Next Study Year

While technology has been termed as a huge cause of distraction when it comes to studies, it can also offer great help if used in the right way. There are thousands of websites and apps out there designed to ease the learning skills by providing essential learning skills, helping a student study for exams, and manage everyday life when doing. college homework.

You’ll be surprised to find that most of these tools are free. Whether you are about to join college or already a student, these tools will help maximize your time in and out of the classroom. Some people may say that your brain is an essential study tool you need. While this is true, it doesn’t hurt to have a homework helper or writing service such as to help out. Here you can get your any help related to essays, term papers, and any other academic help that you need. So, if you plan to join college next year, we’ve put together a list of the top tools that will help you in your learning process.

• StudyStack

Using flash cards for studies has never been easy, But StudyPack makes the whole experience easy. It allows the user to create flashcard sets and learn from what others have already compiled. Once a card is flipped, you get a chance to choose whether you got it right or wrong. The wrong cards will be repeated severally until you master what’s in them. This is a great tool for training your memorization skills to help you do homework.

When you create any information, StudyPack may convert the information into several tools and games that will help you in studying. It also allows you to play fun games such as unscramble, hangman, or a matching game before taking any tests.

• Quizlet

Quizlet is home to various study tools. You just have to prove the information you want and Quizlet will provide the necessary study tools to help you out. It’s simple. The tool contains millions of flashcards study sets on different topics, created by students. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create “sets” on any subject of your choice and generate flashcards, practice tests, auditory tools, matching games, and quizzes.

Quizlet also allows you to use audio and images in your flash card sets, which are useful in the learning process especially homework. It contains two major games, Space Race and Scatter, which allows the user to learn the subject and enjoy doing it. The presence of leaderboards and high-scores can help you compete to get the best times which is a good to add the motivation when studying.


This is an ideal site for learning different terms and definition. The user can post articles, diagrams, images, and any other information they would like to share on any topic just to provide online homework help. This tool aims to enhance collaboration. Simply, working together to form the best tools for learning.
Whatever you want to study is offered in three formats and levels of difficulty. These are matching, multiple choice, and flash card mode. even awards special badges for any completed sets. So, you can take advantage of this new experience when you join college.

• Evernote

Sometimes studying may cover a lot of topics that may end up making you feel confused and overwhelmed. But Evernote is the best tool for note taking, with a unique feature set that involves composing, bookmarking, clipping, and more. This tool can help sync all the information you need on computers and phones. It can also gather web-clips and share information with other users.

Evernote can be used in a number of ways including creating study guides in class, organizing presentation notes, and storing information in order. So, if you need to pick one app for a math homework help or any other tasks in your studies, it should be Evernote.

• Smarterer

When you’re faced with a list of subjects to do, it can be very challenging to pinpoint where to study. You start asking who will help me with my homework. Smarterer will help you point at the specific areas you need to focus on. The site allows students to take a wide range of short practice tests that can help assess their level of knowledge on every topic they wish to study. The tests give an overall score and identify areas where you need to put more effort, and students can know where to improve their learning.

• StudyBlue

This site enhances collaboration. StudyBlue house over 350 million notecards, so you can expect to learn anything you want on this platform. This site offers a list of study tools including quizzes, flashcards, guides, and guides just to name a few which can be used to boost your learning process.

• Schooltraq

Students are required to complete a lot of assignments and at the same time keep up with the course work. So, sometimes they become overwhelmed in fulfilling all these tasks. But Schooltraq is an online digital planner that helps you keep track of tests, assignments, and events making your study time easier. It helps you schedule a date for every task. This ensures you don’t miss important deadlines and your work is completed on time.


The interesting thing about these sites is that you can use the free package and even upgrade for the pro accounts if want to explore the advanced features. These tools will help make your school life easier. So, when you join college next year, make sure to try them out and see which ones benefit you the most.

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