How To Facetime On Snapchat Like a Pro

What is Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a popular app that allows you to send short videos and pictures that will self destruct ( delete themselves ) after a few seconds. The idea for a photo sharing app that you can delete the photos came to three founders at Stanford University in 2011 where one of them said ” i wish these pics i’m sending this girl would disappear ” and the Picaboo app was born. During it’s first summer the now popular app had only 127 users, not a huge success.

After a few arguments and one of the founders being kicked out of the company, in the Fall of 2012 the two remaining founders change the name of the app to SnapChat and suddenly they got 100,000 high-school kids using their app because they knew all too well what you share on the internet usually stays there…until now.

How to Facetime on snapchat

Snapchat released a lot of new features over the year, so it’s easy to get lost or not knowing about new stuff with every update. For example, not a lot of users know that a big update on the iPhone and Android app was released letting users the ability to Facetime with each other in real time. So how to facetime on snapchat with your friends? Keep reading.

How to facetime on snapchat step 1: First you need to launch the SnapChat app ( if you don’t have it yet. get it here on the appstore or here on the Google Play store


Step 2: On your SnapChat there is an icon showing you that one of your friends is currently online. ( Both you, and the friend you want to facetime with must be using the app at the same time – otherwise it won’t work…you can’t ” call ” him like a regular Facetime call )

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Step 3: Swipe right on your friend’s name to start the chat, now swipe left or just use the yellow button to send a screenshot or photo from your device camera roll inside the chat.

Two important notes: First, when the camera icon is yellow, this means that you and your friend don’t have the app open at the same time, so you can’t facetime, you can only send regular Snapchat or text message.

Second, when you see a blue camera icon that’s when you know that both you and your friend are currently using the app and you’re good to go on the video call.


Step 4: To use the facetime feature on Snapchat you need to press and holdĀ the blue camera icon, when your friend does the same thing, you will both start the two-way video chat. Awesome!


Please note though that you must keep your finger on the icon pressed, because if you move your finger the live chat will end, the only way to keep facetiming your friend with your finger off the icon is to lock it. How to lock it? Good question, well you just need to slide your finger while pressing the icon down to the home button, this will lock the live chat session and you can continue chatting with your friend fingers free.

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Facetime on Snapchat is not that known yet so we hear a lot of people still asking how to facetime on Snapchat all the time, so this post is for you guys. You can also check out this cool video that pretty much explain the same thing as this post: Geek out.

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