22 Cool Winterboard Themes For Your Jailbroken iPhone

What are winterboard and winterboard themes?

winterboard icon

So Winterboard is a theme tweak for iPhone that allows you to install cool themes and run them on your jailbroken phone Thus the title of this post Winterboard themes. It’s a Cydia tweak so again, you will need a jailbroken iPhone to use it. Getting and installing the Winterboard is pretty easy and is done just like any other tweak you want to install from the Cydia.

how do they look like?

The winterboard themes look just like the regular iPhone theme but the cool thing about it is that designers from all other the world design different style of themes you can install on your phone and change the look and feel of it, from the icons to the background to the app logos, it’s pretty cool. here’s an example of a really cool winterboard theme:

very cool winterboard theme -24

OK cool, so where can i get these awesome winterboard themes?

Well, first you need to own a jailbroken iPhone, if you don’t know what it is you can read about it here. But basically speaking a jailbroken iPhone is a phone where the IOS restrictions have been taken off so it is now open to install pretty much what ever software you want, and not just from the app store. If you already have a jailbroken iPhone and want to learn how to install Winterboard on it, here is a great resource how to install Winterboard on your phone.

Alright, after doing all that, you want to install some cool themes right? So just know you can get all the Winterboard themes you see on this list on Cydia and without further delay, here are some cool Winterboard themes to install on your phone:

Cool Winterboard themes #1: Vexillum

winterboard themes -2

2: Amury

winterboard themes -3

3: Ace El Cap – $1.99


4: Avier for iOS9


5: Flatish


6: Jelly 3


7: Primo


8: Insight


9: Soft


10: Axla 3


11: Aube for iOS9


12: Flat6


13: Enkel


14: Ambre iOS9


15: FiZiP


16: Flat 8


17: Muze 2


18: reduxios


19: Irys


20: Glyphs (CJ Glyphs)


21: Class iOS 9 Theme

winterboard themes -22

22: Indigo

winterboard themes

Here’s even more Winterboard themes in this cool video:

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