21 Superhero Cake Designs That Will Destroy Any Villain With Their Good Taste

Who doesn’t like cake? LIER! The answer is no one, because everyone loves cake, doesn’t really matter the color, taste or materials, as long as it’s edible, we’re down. And if you’re reading this on this website i’m just gonna take a wild guess here and say you are a superheroes fan right? So below we gathered a cool list of 21 superhero cake designs or just superhero cakes that will not just taste great, they look awesome too!

Superhero cake #1 A Batman, Spiderman,Hulk and Superman combo

superhero cake 2 (1)

2: A Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man and Captain America superhero cool cake

superhero cake - avengers cake (1)

3: A classic Batman cake

superhero cake - batman cake (1)

4: Black Widow cake, is it safe to eat?

superhero cake - black widow cake (1)

5: Cool Captain America strawberry cake

superhero cake - captain america cake (1)

6: Artistic black and white Batman cake

superhero cake - classic batman (1)

7: Beautifully done Superman cake

superhero cake - classic superman (1)

8: The man without feat cake, Daredevil

superhero cake - dare devil cake (1)

9: Neat Hulk superhero awesome cake

superhero cake - hulk cake (1)

10: Hulk smashing through the cake

superhero cake - hulk smash cake (1)

11: A very cool Iron Man super hero cake

superhero cake - iron man cake (1)

12: Cool Spiderman cake!

superhero cake - spiderman cake (1)

13: Beautiful Superman cake

superhero cake - superman cake (1)

14: Cute Joker cake ( Not a superhero cake, but he’s important )

superhero cool cake - the joker (1)

15: Thor cupcakes, not a superhero cake but cupcakes count you guys

superhero cool cake - thor cupcakes (1)

16: Ant Man taking a stand among his fellow superheroes

superhero cool cake - ant man cake (1)

17: Wolverine looks so cute!

superhero cool cake - wolverine cake (1)

18: Original design for a Wolverine cake

superhero cool cake - wolverine cake 2 (1)

19: Elegant Wonder Woman cake

superhero cake - wonder woman cake (1)

20: Epic superhero cake combo: Hulk, Spiderman, Superman and Batman

superhero cake (1)

21: The Flash superhero cake

superhero cake flash gordon cake (1) did you enjoy these superhero cake designs? Drooling yet? Please share with your friends.

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