20 Punisher Quotes That Will Shiver Your Spine

Below you can find 20 cool Punisher Quotes from the awesome character, but just one second before you scroll down and i lose you, take a few minutes and learn about the history of The Punisher.

Francis Castiglione was born in New York to Italian parents, Frank joined the Marines and went on to have a glorious career in the army. He graduated basic training, then continued to Infantry School, right after that he went to the USMC’s reconnaissance, Force Reconnaissance and Sniper Schools. He did a lot of other cool stuff in the army like Special Forces training and eventually he went on to fight the Vietnam war as a point man, he got a lot of medals for his heroism including the Purple Heart. Just before enlisting to the army The Punisher married his sweetheart Maria who was pregnant with his child.

So how did frank became The Punisher and gave us all these cool Punisher Quotes

Well it all happened when Frank and his family were having a great picnic in Central Park when they witness a Mafia execution of a man, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the Mafia guys who noticed them didn’t want to leave any witnesses so they killed everyone on the spot. But Frank survived and after he recovered he embraced the Skull logo and went on to punish all the criminals of the city. During his quests and encounters with criminals he talks, and when he talks, we usually get to hear some cool quotes fitting for a punisher.

Here is the list of Punisher Quotes:

Punisher quotes #1 “I leave this as a declaration of intent so no one will be confused. Number one: Sic vis pacem, para bellum. Latin. The boot-camp sergeant made us recite it like a prayer. Sic vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.”


2: “I’ve studied you… as I study everyone I might have to meet in combat. I anticipated your actions. I could put the next bullet between your eyes. I’d rather not. You’re not evil… merely soft. Stupid.”


3: ” I caught a glimpse of heaven once. The Angels showed me. The idea was I’d kill for them. Clean up their mistakes on Earth. Eventually redeem myself.Tried it. Didn’t like it. Told them where to stick it. So they brought me up to heaven, to see what I’d be missing. A wife. A son. A daughter. I hadn’t seen them since they bled out in my arms. Then I was cast down.Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a skyscraper to tell his fellow scum you’re back is a sane and rational act. The angels thought it would be hell for me.(Said dwarf hits the ground with a splat)But they were wrong.Welcome Back, Frank. Says New York City. ”


4: “Maybe I am going to hell. I sent many deserving criminal souls to their doom. I have no regrets. They’ll be waiting for me. When I arrive, they’ll wish they’d sent me to heaven.”


5: “You cross over to that side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.”


6: “You hit them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down”


7: “Good business, murder? Did Saint pay you for each one, or does he get a group-rate discount?”


8: “You sit here and you’re all confused about this thing but you have it. You have everything. So hold on to it. Use two hands. And never let go.”


9: “You shouldn’t play with knives.”


Badass Punisher quotes  number 10: “Just some guys who are about to walk into a diner for the last time.”


11: “You’re one bad day from becoming me.”


12: ” It was in that moment that I realized something. A dull, blurred feeling that I’d had since this whole mess began, all of a sudden crystal clear. It had been a long, long time since I hated anyone the way I hated them. “


13: “Make Castle DEAD! I don’t care what it takes, what it costs. Call the Russian.”


14: “Close the club. Bring everyone in. We’re going hunting.”


15: “Some people ask me how I sleep at night. I tell them I just close my eyes.”


16: ” I still talk to God sometimes, I ask him if what I’m doing is right or wrong, I’m still waiting for an answer, and until I get one, I’ll be waiting, watching, THE GUILTY WILL BE PUNISHED! ”


17: ” Innocents suffer, and the guilty must be punished. My Battlefield symbols aren’t Red, White, and Blue — They’re blood red and personal.”


18: “Their laughter dies out all over the world. They know. They laugh at the law. The rich ones who buy it and twist it to their whims. The other ones, who have nothing to lose. Who don’t care about themselves, or other people. All the ones who think they’re above the law, or outside it, or beyond it. They know all the law is good for is to keep good people in line. And they all laugh. They laugh at the law. But they don’t laugh at me.”


19: “I’m like the hurricane. There’s calm in my eye. And I’d like to blow them all away…”


The Punisher Quotes #20 ” If you’re guilty, you’re dead. ”


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