A Real Disney Lightsaber Is Going To Happen And Every Star Wars Fan Should Freak Out

What’s the sound you make when playing Star Wars  and Jedi knight battles? I think I went with something like zzzzznk when i was winding up my imaginary lightsaber. Thanks to Disney, the new generation of Star Wars fans will not have to just play pretend when fighting like the Jedi because Disney has just filed a patent to create a real Disney lightsaber

disney lightsaber 3

Ok real isn’t maybe the right word but this new Disney’s patent is certainly the closest it can get. To play this new-age-Jedi-battle game, you’ll need a drone, some Disney lightsabers, and your crew. The drones will fly over a group of Jedi-wanna-be friends , and the air above them files with something like water vapor or fog. Everyone who has a Disney lightsaber, when switch on, can watch the LEDs transmit IR light towards the drones.

The IR sensor in the drones then captures an image of the field of view and then projects light through the matter towards the person’s saber. The lightsaber is deflecting laser beams, and this can be combined with multiple beams, so you will look as real professional blocking lasers from every direction.

This will look very realistic and you will not have to do the zzzzzznk thing either, because once you switch on the lightsaber it will hum in your hand and haptic feedback vests will let you know when some of you get hit by a lightsaber. Do you think it can get any cooler than that? Seems impossible right?

disney real lightsabers 2

Well it can, by Disney’s upcoming Star Wars Land theme parks. These themed parks will give you everything you need: ships, animals, and even food recreated for guests and of course Jedi battles. There will be performers recreating fight scenes, but also allowing the audience to join the battles themselves. So, in the happiest place in the universe, you will feel as a real Jedi, for sure, once this project comes alive, and we hope it’s going to be soon.

disney lightsaber

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