If You Never Had a Squeeze Burger Before You Must Visit The Squeeze Inn

If you live in the Northern part of California and you don’t know what a squeeze burger is than shame on you. The Squeeze Inn was born out of pure love to fine burgers and great music.

Over the years the little place has become THE place in Northern California for garbing a bite of a good patty. Owner Travis H was introduced into a new style of flipping burgers and as soon as he learned the new tricks, he took a chance and bought the place.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time, and on that day, the next generation of the Squeeze Burger and The Squeeze Inn was born. There are currently nine locations spread around CA and when you visit The Squeeze Inn you get the full service: Great music, great squeeze burger and awesome service.

Check out the pictures below and tell us this is not the most beautiful thing you ever saw, my mouth is watering over here just looking at it, i’m going to eat something before i pass out…Cya! Visit their site for more info: The Squeeze Inn

It’s a tiny place, maybe that’s why they call it ” The Squeeze Inn “

squeeze in burger (1)

check out the video displayed on their site:

There’s more cheese than burger here, but it just works!

squeeze in burger 3 (1)

Look at that melted cheese, you can eat the crust of the sides while taking a big bite of the burger

squeeze in burger 4 (1)

The famous cheese skirt ( if you know this place, you know what i mean )

squeeze in burger 5 (1)

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