Stunning Superhero Art By Justin Currie From Chasing Artwork

Meet Justin Currie, a visual artist who grew up in a small village just out of Manitoba, Canada. He grew up with four sisters and one brother and a few dogs and cats, i think it’s safe to say that his time there was nothing but boring.

Growing up Justin always liked to doodle on pretty much anything he could, everyone who has an obsession to something know that as a young kid at school it could be a bit of a “problem” in the eyes of his teachers and adults as it would take time from studying, but like most artists know after they grow up, it’s those years that build the base and ideas in a kid’s mind to make him peruse them and ultimately succeed.

When Currie graduated from Pilot Mound High School he immediately moved to the city of Winnipeg and started the Red River’s graphic design program. It wasn’t long before Justin started experimenting with logo design, typography, web development, print production, flash animation and more. The time he spent in this program was the real foundation to his professional illustration career to come.

Shortly after graduating from the program, Justin developed his signature style known as ” Shattered Vector  Painting ” In the last few years Justin tried and attend as many comic conventions as he could, building up his brand and increasing his fan base and his skill set.

Now with his recognizable style and a growing fan base he takes the jump into the deep water and left a comfortable concept artist position at a local video game company to fulfil his dream and start his own company fittingly called ” Chasing Artwork “.

Don’t miss Justin’s new book called ” Rust and Water ” which just been released, you can get it on ChasingArtwork store here.

Below are just some of his superhero art works. Let’s show him some love 


superhero art - batman (1)


superhero art - michaelangelo (1)

Superhero art by Justin Currie – Iron Man

superhero art - iron man 2 (1)

superhero art - iron man (1)

The Hulk

superhero art - hulk (1)

I Am Groot

superhero art - groot (1)

Ghost Rider

superhero art - ghost rider (1)

TNMT – Donatello

superhero art - donatelo (1)


superhero art - decipticon (1)


superhero art - deadpool (1)


superhero art - chewie (1)


superhero art - carnage (1)

Captain America ( Autobot style )

superhero art - captain america (1)

Optimus Prime

superhero art - optimus prime (1)


superhero art - samus (1)


superhero art - spiderman (1)

Batman Vs Superman

superhero art - superman down (1)

The Flash ( Auto bot version )

superhero art - the flash (1)

The Joker

superhero art - the joker (1)

Rooftop Rumble

superhero art - tnmt (1)

Tron Legacy character

superhero art - tron (1)


superhero art - venom (1)

Wolverine and cyclops

superhero art - wolverine 2 (1)


superhero art - zelda (1)

Source: Devientart

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