32 Epic Pictures Of The Wonder Woman Tattoo We All Love

Below is a pretty decent gallery of Wonder Woman Tattoo art and abstract Tattoos. If you haven’t seen our ultimate collection of Captain America Tattoos yet, please do. For those of you who don’t know who Wonder Woman is or those who just want to refresh their knowledge, read a little bit of history about the character.

Wonder Woman is the most famous female super hero of all time. Yes, even more than Buffy the vampire slayer, Lara croft or any other characters you can think off. She has been featured on so many magazines and comics it’s hard to name them all, T-shirt designs, dolls, action figures and much much more, She has the full package just like Superman. Beauty, brains and brawn. Since 1941 Wonder Woman is the symbol of Girl power and it’s no surprise we see the Wonder Woman Tattoo many times on people because of that .

Wonder Woman is Princess Diana from the immortal Amazons of Greek Mythology. When Steve Trevor crashed on the secluded island paradise it was the princess who got a chance to escort him home and that was the first time she learned of our world. Wonder Woman would struggle to figure out our strange world, especially our ways of war and hate, but she has her superhuman strength and speed at her side along with her trade mark bulletproof bracelets.

Oh, did we forget to mention her Golden Lasso of Truth ( sorry ). She is truly an epic super hero. Torn between her mission to promote peace and her own inner worrier, Wonder Woman fights evil while trying to unlock the full potential of humans even though she doesn’t always understand us. Now that we got this out of the way and we know who are we talking about. Enjoy this collection of Wonder Woman Ink.

Wonder Woman tattoo #1 Classic tattoo with stars around her


Here is a cool video showing how a Wonder Woman Tattoo is made:


2: Wonder Woman and Batman kissing tattoo


3: A little bit on the heavy side Wonder Woman


4: Really nicely done Wonder Woman logo tattoo


5: Cool tattoo of Wonder Woman standing in her popular pose


6: More realistic tattoo of the amazonian worrier


7: Big back tattoo of the super hero


8: Delicate arm tattoo with the logo of Wonder Woma


9: Faded tattoo on the lower arm of the logo with stars


10: Sexy Wonder Woman tattoo playing guitar ( what?! )


11: Under arm tattoo of the logo – nice job


12: forearm tattoo of a full body character


13: Wonder Woman shield on the back shoulder tattoo


14: Combined Superman and Wonder Woman tattoo on shoulder


15: Wonder Woman fighting tattoo


16: Bracelet tattoo of the logo


17: A Batman tattoo combined with the Wonder Woman logo


18: Very detailed tattoo of the amazon worrier


19: Epic arm tattoo mixing with the real body


20: Elegant tattoo of the character. Looks amazing


21: More abstract tattoo look


22: Maybe the coolest Wonder Woman tattoo we saw all day


23: Sleeve tattoo of WW


24: Wonder Woman looking bad ass


25: Lucius Wonder Woman with her sword


26: Red white and blue tattoo of the superhero


27: Amazing angry Wonder Woman tatt


28: Shoulder tattoo of a tired with fighting hero


29: She looks amazing in this tattoo


30: Very nice arm tattoo of Wonder Woman

wonder woman tattoo 13-1

31: Proud of her new tattoo


32: Chubby pin up style tattoo of the hero


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