How To Make a Saddle In Minecraft – The Complete Guide

So you want to know how to make a Saddle in Minecraft? Here’s how:

This detailed post will show you with text and pictures how to make a saddle in Minecraft. Unlike other items in the game, in Minecraft you can’t make a saddle with a crafting table or furnace, you need to find it instead and gather this item during the game. Most common places to find a saddle are inside a chest in a dungeon or Nether Fortress. Keep reading below for all the information.  ( tl;dr – skip to the end of this post for a video )

Supported platforms where you can create a saddle:

Sadly, a saddle is not supported on all platforms and versions of Minecraft. So before reading any further maybe its a good idea to check if your version and platform has a saddle in it:

Platform Supported Version
PC/Mac Yes
Pocket Edition ( PE ) Yes
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox One Yes
Windows 10 Yes
Wii U Yes
Education Edition ( EDU ) No

Where do i find the saddle in creative mode?

First of all lets recap what’s creative mode. So the Minecraft creative mode is one of the main game mods Minecraft has, basically creative mode removes all the survival aspects of the game and allows you the player to easily create or destroy structures or mechanisms from the game.

So heres where to find the saddle in creative mode:

Platform Version Creative Menu Location
PC/Mac 1.8 – 1.10 Transportation
Pocket Edition ( PE ) 0.15.0 Tools
PS3 1.26 Redstone and Transportation
PS4 1.26 Redstone and Transportation
Xbox 360 1.26 /TU35 Redstone and Transportation
Xbox One 1.26/CU23 Redstone and Transportation
Windows 10 0.15.0 Tools
Wii U Patch 3 Redstone and Transportation

What if i play survival mode? How to make a saddle in Minecraft there?

Survival mode is the game mode of Minecraft where players must collect resources , build their structures and battle  mobs, handle hunger and explore to survive and thrive.

There are 2 ways to get the saddle in Minecraft:

1: Find a chest in one of the dungeons

This is one of two ways to get a saddle in Minecraft. First thing you need to do is find a dungeon, they are always located underground, you can identify the dungeon because it looks as a small room with a monster spawner in the center and one or two chests. or sometimes a double chest. The chests are full with valuable items and the walls of the dungeon are made of cobblestone and moss stone.

You need to dig underground and look for these dungeons, but if you’re playing the PC version of Minecraft you can just switch to Spectator Mode and fly underground and look for a dungeon, once you find one just switch back to survival mode or creative mode. Below is an image of a dungeon if you’re flying underground in Spectator mode with night vision

how to make a saddle in minecraft - how to find a saddle in minecraft

Once you found a dungeon, look for the chests inside, each chest can have different items so you need to open them to see what’s inside.


Every now and then, you will find a saddle and other valuable items inside.


You can see that in the picture above we found saddles, a music disc, iron ingot, gunpowder, string and a bucket. Don’t forget to move your saddle to your inventory

This is how a saddle in Minecraft looks like:


2: You can also find a chest in the Nether Fortress 

The Nether biome is a place in the Minecraft universe where magma cubes are spawn in a much higher rate, also two exclusive mobs which you can’t find anywhere else, blazes and wither skeletons.


So you can also find and add a saddle by going to the Nether and find a Nether fortress. It looks like a castle and has a chest inside.

Please note though that if you haven’t been to the Nether before, you will have to build a Nether Portal to take you there. Once you build the Nether Portal and walk through it, it will take you to the Overworld and the Nether. Here is a picture of how the Nether Portal looks like:


When you reach the Nether biome and find a Nether fortress, look inside for a chest. You may find several chests inside and each one will contain different items you may want to add to your inventory.

Don’t forget you need to open the chest once you find one to see what’s inside.

how to make a saddle in minecraft - nether fortress chest

If you’re lucky, you may find a saddle and many other items.

For your reference, here is the item ID and name of the saddle for when you start using game commands:

Name ID DataValue Platform
Saddle (Minecraft:saddle) 329 0 PC/Mac

What can you do with a saddle in Minecraft?

Saddles are used to ride horses, mules, and pigs in the game of Minecraft. Unlike most things in Minecraft though, if you need a saddle, you won’t be able to craft one. Instead, you’ll need to find it. If you’re well-equipped, you can find saddles in the various chests located in dungeons and temples. If you’re loaded with loot, trading with villagers for emeralds can net you a saddle as a trade offer. Avid fishers have a small chance of hooking a saddle.

Here is a video which also explains how to craft a saddle in Minecraft:

So here you have it, the complete guide of how to make a saddle in Minecraft, as always, if we forgot something or anything is wrong or changed, let us know and we will edit this post. Geek out

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