You’re Killin Me Smalls – Where Does It Originate

You’re killin me smalls

You probably heard this phrase before right? Almost anyone has, do you know what it means? Or where it comes from? If you do, good for you and you can just scroll down for the nice images and video, but if you don’t please keep reading.

you're killin me smalls 1

The phrase You’re killin me smalls actually comes from the famous movie The Sandlot

The Sandlot is a 1993 cult movie that follows Scottie Smalls when he moves to a new neighbourhood and makes friends with a group of teems who like to play baseball at  the Sandlot. Together the kids go through some funny and touching adventures that surrounds a baseball ball that Smalls borrows from his stepdad. The movie was a teen favorite by many teens who grew up in the 90’s and among other movies that hit theaters this decade, this was one of the best one. The phrase You’re killin me smalls comes up a few times in the movie, here’s one of the popular scenes:

In this scene the kids sit and hang out while Ham Porter is making a delicious s’mores. A s’more is two slices of cookies with chocolate and melted marshmallow inside.

So when Smalls arrives to the hang out, Porter asks him if he wants a s’more, after a few times Smalls replies with a ” Some more what? ” Ham gets frustrated and says ” You’re killin me smalls ” and forever coining this phrase as a commonly used phrase to express discontent or frustration towards a person.

Here’s a different example where this phrase can be used: 

Sam: ” Hey Nick, can you give me another beer? ”
Nick: ” Oh I’m sorry Sam, i just finished the last one. ”
Sam: ” …You’re killin me smalls ”

Well, now you know what that phrase means and where it comes from, you’re welcome. Geek out

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