20 Movies Like The Matrix Every Conspiracy Fan Should Watch

Ahh The Matrix, one of those rare movies that really makes you think and sticks with you for years to come, it’s no argue that this movie was one of the best in its genre and it could not have come out in a better time. But a long time has past and some of us who like movies like the Matrix feel a bit empty inside, so we here at The Geeks Daily got you covered and we compiled a 20 movies like the Matrix list you will definitely love.


Movies like the Matrix #1 Dark City      movies like the matrix - dark city (1)

This is how a sci-fi movie should be. Everyone else take notes, it is provocative, intelligent, gripping and just visually stunning, even the Matrix which is considered similar to it can’t compare with Dark City gripping mystery and suspense. this is a great start for those who are looking for movies like the matrix

2: eXistenZ

movies like the matrix - existenz (1)

This movie has great potential, it has a few problems though. the great director David Cronenberg who directed movies like Crash, Dead Ringers and The Fly is taking us on a journey through the dangers of virtual reality. It’s a great idea, but some major bad casting decisions and an ending that you can see from a mile away kind off ruins it for me, but this is a movies like the matrix list and this movie has some similarities so its on here.

3: The Thirteenth Floor

movies like the matrix - the thirteen floor (1)

Maybe the most similar movie to the Matrix on this list, it is a sci-fi thriller the teases the possibility that our world as we know it is just a simulated computer universe ( sounds familiar? ) The people in this movie just think they are real but the reality is far from it. If you’re looking for movies like the the Matrix, this is as close as you get. read about it here

4: Blade Runner

movies like the matrix - blade runner (1)

Blade Runner is one of the most recognizable movies on the list, great movie, some could say it is not really similar to the Matrix but hey, just go with it, it’s about a character named Deckard played by Harrison Ford and he is forced by his police boss to continue his work as a Replicant Hunter. On the job trying to eliminate four escaped Replicants from colonies he meets a young girl Replicant and falls in love.

5: Brazil

movies like the matrix - brazil (1)

The old famous story about the low-level bureaucrat Sam Lowry that escapes his average reality by consistently day dreaming about a world where he is a virtuous hero saving a beautiful girl. Things get tricky when he is investigating a case where someone was wrongfully arrested and an innocent man died instead of a well known wanted terrorist. He eventually meets the women from his day dreams and while trying to help her realises that he can’t seem to understand what is real and what is a dream. confused? Good. watch this movie if you like movies like the Matrix

6: Another Earth

movies like the matrix - another earth (1)

Shortly after discovering there is another planet just close to earth, a young woman driving her car after a hard night of drinking crashes into a family killing the mother and children, the father is in a coma and she is sent to prison, a few years go by and when she is released she learns that the man has woken up from his coma, she feels compelled to visit him and try to make it right, this movie has a great plot and the relationship between the two which is the classic two characters that no one know they are related and you see them slowly growing on each other. The other Earth is just used as a hook in this movie, but you should watch it any way. Read about on Imdb

7: Inception

movies like the matrix - inception (1)

A great movie with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Dom Cobb, a skilled thief with a rare ability to enter people’s dreams and steal their most personal information. his skill makes him a hot commodity in the world of business but also makes him lose everything he holds dear. When he gets a chance at redemption he must succeed with the ultimate crime, planting an idea in someone’s mind. Inception is a great movie with a great idea. Watch this if you love movies like the Matrix.

8: Moon

movies like the matrix - moon (1)

Astronaut Sam Bell is finally on his way home from a three-year mission on the Moon. He is happy to meet his wife and young daughter but suddenly his health takes a bad turn and he starts suffering from headaches and hallucinations, he later meets what looks like a younger version of himself. Maybe a clone. With time running out, Sam must get to the bottom of things before the new crew arrives.

9: Sleep Dealer

movies like the matrix - sleep dealer (1)

Memo is a top rated hacker living a challenging live in the degraded Mexico of the future. Once the military finds out about his hacking activities they attack his home leaving him on the run where he finds himself in Tijuana. He meets a girl named Luz, a journalist who plugs herself into the internet and sells her memories for other people to use and download. When she takes a mysterious job and Memo starts working in a high-tech factory thats when things get hardcore and they find themselves in a cyber-nightmare trying to survive. Read more about sleep dealer here

10: Appleseed

movies like the matrix - appleaseed (1)

After surviving the Global War. Deunan Knute ( Ai Kobayashi ) meets her old love Briareos Hecatonchires ( Jurota Kosugi ), but she learns he is not the same man she once knew, he became a cyborg due to his massive injuries from the war, she also learns that there is an entire new race of cyborgs being created in the peaceful city of Olympus, but like in all movies, things aren’t as easy as you think and she quickly finds out that the cyborgs are short lived and she dedicates herself to find the reason and save them all.

11: 2046

movies like the matrix - 2046 (1)

The past blends with the future and present in this movie. A train in the future can take people to a place where they can relive their memories, sounds awesome right? But from this place no one has ever returned. It’s a premise of a novel by the womanizing sci-fi writer Chow ( Tony Leung Chiu Wai ). This movie will mess with your head in ways you’ll ask please sir can i have some more.

12: Ghost in the Shell

movies like the matrix - ghosts in a shell (1)

Written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese franchise that every Japanese fan should watch. It’s about a cyborg police officer and her partner trying to hunt down a powerful hacker named The Puppet Master.

13: Source Code

movies like the matrix - source code (1)

A thrilling movie about a Helicopter pilot named Colter Stevens ( played by Jake Gyllenhaal ), he is part of a secret operation that gives him a the a ability to experience the last few minutes in the life of a man who died in a train bombing. His mission is to learn the identity of the bomber to try and prevent the next one from happening, but after learning his final moments Colter is convinced he can stop the first bomb from ever exploding if he only had enough time. It is in this list of movies like the Matrix because of the element of time here that is cool.

14: The Machinist

movies like the matrix - the machanist (1)

When factory worker Trevor Reznik ( played by Christian Bale ) suffers from a terrible case of insomnia that takes a huge toll on his physical health. He starts to lose weight very fast and his mental condition is getting worse by the day. When an on-the-job accident happened badly injuring a co-worker he takes an even worse turn. Started to get paranoid Trevor begins to blame his life problems on a fictional character named Ivan

15: Triangle

movies like the matrix - triangle (1)

A group of people are enjoying themselves on a yacht, when the whether takes a turn for the worst, they are forced to jump onto another ship, this is where things get a little weird. This is Triangle

16: Time crimes

movies like the matrix - time crimes (1)

Another time travel thriller that will shake you up, the movie starts with the star spying on a young woman undressing in the woods next to his house. He suddenly see that she is being attacked by a man who has a lot of swathed bandages on his head. While he runs away from the scene he stumbles on a scientific facility where he gets persuaded to hide in a time machine. He travels back in time just a few hours and watch himself .

17: 9

movies like the matrix - 9 (1)

A good for nothing rag doll that wakes up in a post-apocalyptic future hold the only key to humanity’s salvation. BOOM, straight to the point, it’s like Neo

18: The Butterfly Effect

movies like the matrix - the butterfly effect (1)

A college student with really bad headaches that causes him to black out discovered that while he’s unconscious he is able to travel back in time to different moments of his childhood and change things and by doing so changing the present for him and his friends. But changing the past can some times lead to un welcomed results in the present. This is a great movie with a cool idea that can be said is one of the movie like the Matrix in the level of idea, not in the plot.

19: Primer

movies like the matrix - primmer (1)

Brilliant engineers Aaron and Abe build cool devices when one day they accidentally invent a time machine. They learned nothing from Back to the Future and put it to the test, while they are obsessing over their new invention they slowly discover the dark powers of their actions.

The last in this movies like the Matrix list #20 Fight Club

movies like the matrix - fight club (1)

amazing movie with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, Norton playing a depressed man who is suffering from insomnia, when he suddenly meets Tyler Durden, a strange soap salesman things takes a turn to the bizarre. They hit if off starting to spend time with each other and form an underground club of men who are fed up with their mundane lives. Everything goes well until a woman comes into the picture and shake things up. This is not so much related to the list of movies like the Matrix, but you should already watch this if you haven’t already.

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