The Ultimate jedi Lightsaber Techniques Guide You Need In Your Life

Every Star Wars fans knows this sound ” Casheeeeeeeee ” ( It’s hard to write it in words ) but you all know the electric sound the lightsaber does when you turn it on. The lightsaber combats scenes in Star Wars are usually epic and might just be some of the favorite in any movie. But let’s take a step back for a second before we show you the ultimate Jedi Lightsaber Techniques, let’s understand what is a lightsaber combat.

So a lightsaber combat happens when two or more people using their lightsabers engage in a duel or fight. These opponents are often but not always, Sith and Jedi, but lightsaber combats help decide other important conflicts throughout the galaxy. When two opponents are Force-sensitive and are pretty evenly matched, they will have to rely on other means to settle the fight, sometimes that means drawing on other Force powers. So now that we understand what is a lightsaber combat, lets dive into the Jedi lightsaber techniques to learn a few tricks.

Jedi Lightsaber Technique #1 The Viper’s Tongue jedi lightsaber 16 done (1)

2: Sarlacc’s Face

jedi lightsaber 17 done (1)

3: The Force Grenade

jedi lightsaver 3 done (1)

4: The Sand Twister

jedi lightsaver 4 done (1)

5: Creating The Void

jedi lightsaver 5 done (1)

6: Deadly Attraction

jedi lightsaber 6 done (1)

7: Agressive Negotiations

jedi lightsaver 7 done (1)

8: Shockwave

jedi lightsaver 8 done (1)

9: Dewback Tail

jedi lightsaver 9 done (1)

10: Restore The Balance

jedi lightsaver 10 done (1)

11: Hyperspace

jedi lightsaver 11 done (1)

12: Rising Sun

jedi lightsaver 13 done (1)

13: Alternate Path

jedi lightsaver 14 done (1)

14: Last Meteor Rain

jedi lightsaver 15 done (1)

15: Fading Menace

jedi lightsaver done 2 (1)

16: Cease And Desist

jedi lightsaber techniques done 1 (1)

The artist creating these cool illustrations is Pere Pérez

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