LEGO Gambit Is One Of The Coolest LEGO Figures We Saw

The history of the Lego Gambit and Gambit the character

Gambit, real name Remy Etienne LeBeau is famous and well liked character in the Marvel universe, so it’s no surprise that the Lego Gambit figure is also popular.

Gambit history in the Marvel universe is he was abandoned at birth because of his burning red eyes. He was later kidnapped from the hospital ward by members of the New Orleans Thieves Guild who started calling him ” le diablo blanc ” The White Devil. They believed he was a prophet child who’s purpose was to unite the warring Guilds.

He learned the ways of thievery while growing up among the Thieves Guild, learning how to stealth, steal and fight with his bo staff. When he’s mutant powers started to grew out of control and it was beginning to be risky for him and his surrounding, Gambit made a deal with Mister Sinister, Sinister would remove some part of Gambit’s brain to lower his power and lets him control it while having no other side effects, and Gambit promised to help him  lead an attack in the New York City sewer tunnels and their inhabitants, the Morlocks.

Midway through the attack Gambit had a changed of heart and tried to stop the attack but he only managed to save one Morlock. After this Gambit joined the X-Men who had troubles accepting him because of his past, but as time went by he became part of the team.

Gambit signature look:

Lego Gambit has brown hair, red eyes. He also wears a black helmet that does not conceal his face, he wears a purple shirt with a blue and black collar and a blue belt, black pants. He also wears blue boots and shin-guards. On top of it all he puts on a brown trenchcoat and carries around with him a metallic bo staff. He always has on him a deck of cards that he can throw in seconds.


  • Charged Cards: Gambit can destroy his foes by charging simple playing cards with enough kinetic energy to make them explode and then throwing them.
  • Bo Staff: Gambit fights in melee combat situations with his bo staff. He can even use the staff as a medium through which he charges enemies with enough kinetic energy to kill them by way of explosion.

Gambit powers:

Creating kinetic energy, Gambit uses cards to charge with his kinetic energy then he can throw them at enemies like grenades and they explode.

He also has his bo staff that he can use to charge in energy and stick to his enemy causing him to explode.

But you’re here to see some cool LEGO Gambit figures, not learn the whole history of the world right? Look at the pictures below and tell us he’s not cool AF!

This is a cool short stop motion video of Gambit created by HornetAnimations

Gambit familiar look LEGO figure. gambit lego 2 (1)

Holding his deck of cards ready to fight

gambit lego 3 (1)

The metallic bo staff 

gambit lego (1)

This is an angry version of Gambit LEGO

gambit lego 4 (1)

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