The 16 Types Of Geeks Every True Geek Must Know

Back in the old days you had just one type of geek, your average film geeks in the late 70’s that eventually split into two separately but equally important groups: The Star Wars types of geeks and the Trekkie types of geeks. These types are still very prominent today and the battles of which movie is better will probably never end. It seems though that in these days every little new technology that comes out or every new meme that’s trending online is creating a new type of geeks, Apple fanboy geeks, internet geeks, gadget geeks and many others that seem to just take over the world one geeky step at a time ( Yeah! ) So what kind of geek are you anyway?


1: Das Uber geek – The ultimate geek, codes in 5+ languages, has multiple hard drive partitions.

types of geeks - ubergeek2 (1)

2: Apple Fanboy Geek – Unemployed usually, can be found wandering around the Apple store helping customers and using the word ” Intuitive ” pretty much all the time.

types of geeks 3 (1)

3: Chick Geek – Never walked into an Old Navy, knows chef in person of top restaurants and wearing shorts while going to oxfords.

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4: Cosplay Geek – Never misses a chance to flash his axe / cleavage, clearly thinks that there is more to these anime other than ” Just tentacle porn ” and loves drinking Red-bull to stay up all night working in his next cosplay project

types of geeks 5 (1)

5: Star Wars Geek – Always at war with Trekkie Geeks, owns an old VHS tape of Return of the Jedi that is way too worn out from all the rewinding and resuming.

types of geeks - star wars (1)

6: Trekkie Geek – Always at war with Star Wars Geeks, knows how to say ” Honor ” in 10 different ways in the Klingon language and only consumes ” hard ” science fiction, don’t waste his time with other stuff

types of geeks - star trek (1)

7: Pop Culture Geek – Knows the entire history of the Kardashians by heart, Knew about Britney Spears divorce before she even knew it, and tried to get into The Real World like five years in row.

types of geeks - pop culture (1)

8: Sports Geeks – Has a gift of pairing a beer type to any sport, kills everyone every year on Fantasy season and has a more impressive baseball card collection than most kids ever dream off.

types of geeks - sport (1)

9: Film Geek – Saying that 3D is ruining film’s artistry, Knew who Jim Jarmusch was before Coffee and Cigarettes and there’s no eating food while the movie plays thats for sure.

types of geeks - film (1)

10: Encyclopedia Geek – Spends a lot of time just randomly browsing Wikipedia, can kill a conversation in seconds with a ” That reminds me…” and totally think Jeopardy is way too mainstream.

types of geeks - encyclopedia (1)

11: Music Geek – Knows the difference between every music genre like Math Rock and Mathcore, spending hours trying to score some 70’s ambient electronica vinyls and claims to possess a vial of spit from Donald Fagen’s saxophone.

types of geeks - music (1)

12: Gamer Geek – +| Mana! is a regular shouting word, Final Fantasy is the greatest story ever! Plays DOA, because god only knows why.

types of geeks - gamer (1)

13: Gadget Geek – Shops and Sharper Image, brings a solar powered shower to camping and likes any device that can be described as ” Modular. “

types of geeks - gadgets (1)

14: Comic Book Geek – Can accurately predict the outcome of any battle between any two superheroes, knows the entire history of DC Comics and Marvel, claims he once touched a copy of Spiderman issue #1.

types of geeks - comic book (1)

15: Craft Geek – Calls TV sets ” Picture boxes, ” can knit an entire sweater in 6 minutes and is on a first name basis with the staff at Home Depot.

types of geeks - craft (1)

16: Internet Geek – You either a 4chan fan or Reddit, but never Digg. You take an unhealthy pride when you discover new content before anyone else and you read infographic about geeks ( That’s me!:) )

types of geeks - internet (1)

types of geeks - info by (1)

So where do you fit in this types of geeks list? Say it in the comments

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