The 31 Best South Park Episodes Of All Time

One of the best shows in television history and definitely in the animation niche, South Park has always been standing way taller than anyone else, maybe it’s their cut throat humor or the simple graphic that makes this show so unique, what ever it is, it’s working and their not slowing down even after 20 seasons. Below you can find the best South Park episodes of all time.

Number #1 on the Best South Park Episodes List is – Best Friends Forever

best south park episodes (1)

Notable quote from this episode: ” This battle is even bigger than the final battle in the Lord of the Rings movie! “

IMDB Rating:  8.7

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Easily one of the best episodes of South Park when it comes to Kenny. ” Best Friends Forever ” is where Kenny literally starts an all out war between heaven and hell, the most epic battle of all time some would say. Forget the fact we don’t actually get to see this epic battle, don’t get caught on small details, the important part here is that Kenny said ” If i should ever be in a vegetative state and kept on life support, please for the love of God, don’t ever show me in that condition on national television. ” Because that’s what’s really important here right? Great episode.

2: Casa Bonita

best southpark episodes 3 (1)

Notable quote from this episode: ” More sopapillas please! “

IMDB Rating:  9.1

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Could be the best Cartmen and Butters episode ever! The way Cartman is plotting to force join Kyle’s Casa Bonita birthday bash is just pure genius, we see a lot of episodes where Cartman displays his dark and evil mind, but in this one his elaborate execution and how he tricks Butters into thinking he is the only survivor of a meteoric holocaust, come on, it’s epic! Eric really shines here and it shows.

3: Go God Go XII

best southpark episodes 4 (1)

Notable quote from this episode ” Kill the Wise One! “

IMDB Rating:  8.7

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This episode and it’s previous ” Go God Go ” shows the hilarious and ridiculous journey Cartman takes to get the best video game console the world has ever seen, Now don’t be fooled by the storyline of Cartman trying to get his hands on the new Nintendo Wii, this is not the major story here, the examination of war, religion, politics and prank phone calls are the subjects we all should be paying attention, and that’s why it’s a winning episode, not some stupid game console.

4: Woodland Critter Christmas

best southpark episods 5

Notable quote from this episode ” Things are pretty f**ked right here “

IMDB Rating:  9.1

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A bizarre but enjoyable episode where Stan finds himself in the middle of the woods where a bunch of cute mysterious animals surround him. The episode also has an irritating voiceover narrating every move Stan makes. The little cute creatures turns out to be the most evil thing on this planet and it is only at the end you find out that Cartman is the one responsible for this weird story and he did all of this just to try and kill Kyle in his sick fantasy, now as we all know South Park is a lot of fun and they love the holidays, so this is actually a pretty good Christmassy episode.

5: The Losing Edge

best southpark episods 6

Notable quote from this episode ” I’m sorry, I thought this was America? “

IMDB Rating:  8.7

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This was the first of many episodes concentrating on Randy Marsh, in this one the South Park little league baseball team called The South Park Cows and winning all the time just because they are the only team in the nation that really sucks at throwing games, they just seem to not be able to throw a match. The guys try anything to throw a game and lose so they won’t have to play anymore ” boring baseball ” When they thought everything was lost, here comes Randy, he basically gets really drunk at every game and starts fighting rival dads costing the team to get disqualified. Really good episode, so it’s on the best episodes of South Park list.

6: Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub

best southpark episods 7

Notable quote from this episode ” We did not share an intimate moment, okay? That makes it sound gay! “

IMDB Rating:  8.2

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This is part two of the ‘ Meteor Shower Trilogy ‘, Stan is stuck spending time with three ‘ Melvins ‘ from his school while his parents are at a party at friend’s house. This is the first episode to show Butters as a major character, so this is an important episode by that fact alone. Somewhere along this episode the ATF think the party is being held hostage by a suicide cult and Randy and Kyle’s dad Gerald spend some sweet time together in the hot tub, which causes Randy huge awkwardness with hilarious results. This is a great south Park episode to watch.

7: Sexual Harassment Panda

best southpark episods 8

Notable quote from this episode: ” How would you like a big panda punch in your ***s? “

IMDB Rating:  8.4

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This episode is a classic South Park humor. How can you not sing the Petey’s theme song after reading the title, this time the boys learn about how much sexual harassment is bad, so it leads the whole town trying to sue each other and going crazy, Gerald is being payed millions along side this whole commotion and Petey is fired from the school trying to cut their losses. After that Petey finds himself on the Isle of Misfit Mascots thinking he is a real panda. Poor Petey.

8: Chickenlover

best southpark episods 9

Notable quote from this episode: ” Authoritaaah “

IMDB Rating:  8.3

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This episode was at the highest point of the show commercial success, a lot of people don’t actually remember this one but it’s definitely one of the best South Park episodes and you will remember some of the things that happened on this one. Officer Barbrady is forced to go back to school after revealing he can’t read and the South Park boys join him and help him catch a man who is blamed on molesting chickens. This is also the episode that started Cartman’s obsession with the word ” Authoritaaah ”

9: The Coon

best southpark episods 10

Notable quote from this episode: ” No, i’m not that kid, oh really, good that kid was a douchebag “

IMDB Rating:  8.4

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Eric Cartman’s alter ego The Coon, is he’s poor attempt at becoming a real superhero, together with Mysterion who later was discovered to be Kenny and also teaming up with Professor Chaos which is Butters. These are just some of the highlights in this episode that is pretty damn funny. It actually went so well that the team created a few followups featuring The Coon, especially notable is the episode where he joins forces with the evil entity Cthulhu.

10: Towelie

best south park episodes - towlie

Notable quote from this episode: ” You wanna get high?”

IMDB Rating:  8.5

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Maybe the most classic characters on the show, and also the most bizarre. Towelie, a walking, talking drug addict towel that was an instant success on the South Park tv series. The first appearance of Towlie was when the boys were dragged into a government conspiracy that keeps them from playing their most loved game Okama Gamesphere. Towelie lines and ridiculous attitude during the episode had a huge impact on the show and to this day this character is as memorable as the main characters.

11: Imaginationland, Episode III

best southpark episodes - imagination land

Notable quote from this episode: ” Believe in Santa! Right now! “

IMDB Rating:  9.0

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Think of every character you ever saw in a movie or a TV series ever, now put all of these in a three part episode madness on South Park. That is the best way to describe this trilogy, what was the thought process behind Matt and Trey when they thought of this episode is unclear. But it is known that this epic episode are the most visually and narratively complex they ever created. Oh, they’re also really really funny.

12: The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

best southpark episodes - fellowship of the ring

Notable quote from this episode: ” Backdoor Sl** makes crotch capers 3 look like naughty nurses 2″ 

IMDB Rating:  9.3

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This was the Lord of The Rings inspired episode that actually started from a simple misunderstanding, but as the episode progress it is turned into an epic adventure quest of Tolkien proportions. But trying to look deeper and beyond the obvious of this episode, at it’s core, you get to see a quintessential look of the homestyle life of South Park. It’s kids being kids and adults who act like kids and have much explaining to do. great episode.

13: Make Love, Not Warcraft

best southpark episodes - make love not warcraft

Notable quote from this episode: ” Gentlemen, this could very well lead to the end of the world…of Warcraft”

IMDB Rating:  9.6

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Could be the best episode on the best South Park episodes list, Make love not Warcraft is pure genius. While the guys of the show are no strangers to poking fun and laughing at the expense of pop culture phenomenons, there’s just something special about this episode. Maybe it’s the use of actual World Of Warcraft footage and graphics and terminology that makes the experience for the boys really real, this is also hands down the best Randy Marsh episode, as he turns from a total ” noob ” to the one who is chosen to carry the Blizzard Sword of Thousand Truths. On this list of The top South Park episodes, this could be the best.

14: Scott Tenorman Must Die

best southpark episodes - scott must die

Notable Quote from this episode: ” Dude, I think it might be best for us to never piss Cartman off again”

IMDB Rating:  9.6

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OK remember how we said the Make love not Warcraft episode is the best South Park episode, well, this episode might be even better, this is the episode that finally sealed the deal on who Eric Cartman is, and it turned out he is the master of manipulation and the most terrible person ever in the world, not just on this series. Throughout this whole episode you get little bits of his grand plan, you even get some misdirects from time to time to throw you off the trail, but at the end of the episode in the last few moments, you see Cartman’s greatest moment, ” Scott Tenorman Must Die ” is an Eric Cartman episode through and through and after watching it you will never look at Cartman the same way again.

15: Marjorine

best southpark episods 11

Notable quote from this episode: ” OMG, how does it know the answer? “

IMDB Rating:  8.7

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OK like every other South Park episode, we know this one is going to be ridiculous right? So this time the boys find out about a secret mysterious device that the girls in their class use to tell the future. In reality it is just a paper fortune teller but you know…to them its way real you guys. To find out more about it they fake Butters’s death and disguise him a girl new to the school to infiltrate their inner circle and find out more about this device. Things get fun when Butters discovers he likes being a girl and his new friends while his parents morn his death and try to bring him back to life using an Ancient Indian ceremony.

16: Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow  best southpark episodes - two days

Notable quote from this episode: ” I broke the dam! “

IMDB Rating:  8.5

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This hilarious episode is a clear and obvious parody on the famous disaster movies like ” The Day After Tomorrow” and also a bit after the aid response  after Hurricane Katrina. The episode story line is that Stan and Cartman accidentally cause Beaverton to flood, the whole town starts panicking thinking global warming is going to destroy and kill them all. Naturally this leads Randy into a super-overreaction mode of trying to rescue his son. Stan manages to get away with it after everyone thinks he only created a metaphor to stop them from finding someone to blame. Definitely a cool South Park episode to watch.

#17 Over Logging – one of the best South Park Episodes ever made 

best south park episodes - over lodging

Notable quote from this episode: ” That will be 49.99 on your credit card, well at least that part is like on the internet “

IMDB Rating:  8.6

Watch it on South Park Studios

This is another classic Randy episode ( those are the best! ). After the internet goes down and everyone freaks out! The Marsh family decides to travel to California in search of some internet. Randy is obviously just wanting to watch some porn and when he finally finds a laptop with working internet it leads to an hilarious scene where a certain ghost is involved. Just watch it!

18: Professor Chaos

best southpark episodes - professor chaos

Notable quote from this episode: ” I am professor Chaos and now this puny little world will bow down to me….*Silence ” 

IMDB Rating:  8.6

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Right after Kenny died ( for real this time ), Butters was the one who got promoted to be the fourth member of the boys group. But the boys soon found out that butters was pretty lame…and they showed him how they feel, Butters got angry at his friends and created a superhero villain alter ago called Professor Chaos! But in reality his powers were pretty lame too. While all this was going on the boys held tryouts to find a new ” Kenny ” with Tweek winning the spot as a temporary character.

19: Elementary School Musical

best southpark episodes - elemantry

Notable quote from this episode: ” Well guys, i’m done, if this is what’s cool now i no longer have a connection to this world “

IMDB Rating:  7.8

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When the High School Musical trend hit South Park, it hit good. Everyone was completely in to it and everyone in town expect for the boys were joining in spontaneous singalong. But when a new kid named Bridon Gueermo started to get a lot of attention from Wendy, that’s when Stan said enough is enough and realize the boys must join in on the trend or be left outside, even Butters was getting more popular than they are at this point. But until they plan their move and execute it, no one cared about High School Musical anymore and their thought out dance routine was all for nothing.

20: Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo

best southpark episodes - poo

Notable quote from this episode: ” too bad it’s always a dreidel or something lame like that “

IMDB Rating:  8.3

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This is the episode that put South Park on the map, Thanks to this episode they went from cult to mainstream success from their first season. The story line is weird as usual for them, Kyle is considered being crazy after saying stuff about a Mr Hankey , a little poo who comes at Christmas to kids who eat enough fibre in their diet, Ridiculous right? But somehow this concept hits home and even sweet, Mr Hankey is the first piece of poo to score a hit single. Now that’s success right there.

21: Goobacks

best southpark episodes- gobacks

Notable quote from this episode: ” They took our jobs! “

IMDB Rating:  8.4

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This episode coined the phrase, ” they took our jobs!” that people say to this day and everyone knows what they mean. The story line is that people from the future come to South Park in search of jobs because in the distant future there’s great poverty, this leads to present day town folks to lose their jobs because future population is working for next to nothing. The town people have  silly but brilliant solution to the problem and they all start having sex with each other for the future people to stop existing.

22: Go God Go and Go God Go XII

best southpark episodes- go god

Notable quote from this episode: ” Iv’e been waiting for 500 years to play Nintendo Wii, and if i don’t play real soon, i’m gonna bust a nut “

IMDB Rating:  8.7

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This is a great episode where Cartman gets to shine with his usual shenanigans. Cartman didn’t have the patience to wait for the new Nintendo Wii to come out, so he decided to freeze himself until the release day, problem was that he wasn’t found in time and woke up at the year 2546, this futuristic world is a new atheistic world with Mrs Garrison and Richard Dawkins rule as leaders. A weird war between otters and humans eventually start and Cartman managed to get back to his own time, did he learn his lesson? I don’t think so.

23: Kenny Dies

best southpark episodes - keeny dies

Notable quote from this episode: ” Madonna is an old anorectic wh***”

IMDB Rating:  8.9

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So after years of Kenny being killed on almost every episode, Parker and Stone had enough and decided to kill him for good. This episode is notable because it’s the first time things get really emotional and we get to see Cartman like we never saw him before, the boys have a hard time dealing and accepting Kenny’s illness and it’s a little bit different than all other episodes.

24: Lice Capades

best south park episodes - lice

Notable quote from this episode: ” Begin a lice wide evacuation “

IMDB Rating:  8.0

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A bizarre episode, the most creative one of the show maybe, the entire episode takes place on Clyde’s head. You don’t even see the main characters most of the episode. The school was infected with lice, and we follow a colony of lice who tries to survive on Clyde’s head and in his hair. After a while it goes full on disaster movie with an evil lice president and everything. When all this happens Cartman is trying to figure out who has the lice only to be surprised that the entire school have them and not just Clyde. Weird episode but it works in a lot of ways.

25: Cat Orgy

best southpark episodes - cat orgy

Notable quote from this episode: ” You’re a stinking little turd “

IMDB Rating:  8.2

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The first of the three ” Meteor Shower Trilogy “, here we get to see the softer side of Cartman when he helps Stan’s older sister after her older boyfriend Skylar makes fun of her. It’s a sweet episode really because you get to see the two clash and fight but eventually team up to do something together, Cartman shows his softer side and we see him play with Clyde Frog and sing Wild Wild Westtheme, what can go wrong?

26: Chef Aid best southpark episodes - cheff aid

Notable quote from this episode: ” I am above the law! “

IMDB Rating:  8.0

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Definitely one of the biggest episodes of the show and in the first few seasons. After Chef is being sued for copyright infringement, the south Park boys get together and pull off a huge Live Aid style music concert to help him. Artists Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne provided vocals in this episode, and the highlight of it included a scene where the evil record CEO shouted ” I am above the law! ” Great episode to watch

27: Good Times with Weapons

best southpark episodes - weapons

Notable quote from this episode: ” The entire Let’s Fighting Love ” song

IMDB Rating:  9.1

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Parker and Stone considered season eight as one of their worst because at the time they worked on Team America, But it had some really great episodes like this one. The boys became fighting ninjas after buying some weapons at a local flea market. The theme song of this episode is one of the funniest things Trey Parker ever wrote ( yes we know most of it is gibberish ). As usual Butters is just trying to fit in with the guys and tries to get involved with his Professor Chaos costume but gets hurt in the eye by Kenny’s shuriken. Despite what Parker and Stone say, we think this episode is great.


best south park episodes - awesome

Notable quote from this episode: ” My birthday is not until Sep 11 ” 

IMDB Rating:  9.2

Watch it on South Park Studios

Another episode from season eight ( who strangely enough is considered to be not good ). This was a great Butters and Cartman episode where Cartman dresses up as a robot and Butters actually believes that he is real. Turning him to his new best friend Cartman is forced to play the part even when he has to put up with boring tasks and get groped by a military general. There’s not a lot of episodes where Butters comes up on top, this is one of these times.

29: Asspen

best southpark episodes- asspen

Notable quote from this episode: ” The Montage song, everybody loves a good Montage! “

IMDB Rating:  8.4

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This is a fan favorite for sure! After the boys families are being kidnapped by the timeshare salesmen in Aspen, the guys find themselves in a weird beef with a kid named Tad who started to pick on Stan for no reason, Calling him names like Darsh, this episode brilliantly mocks sports films from the 80’s and has many hilarious moments. This is also the first time we get to see the Montage song which is really LOL and later being used in the movie Team America.

30: You Got F’ed in the A

best southpark episodes - fucked in the a

Notable quote from this episode:” I’ve got something in my front pocket for you” 

IMDB Rating:  8.2

Taking on dance movies, this is the essence of this episode, You got served without Mickey, after Stan is embarrassing his dad Randy who get them the ” Achy Breaky Heart” and Stan had to signup South Park’s best dancers after a declared Dance-off was ON! The most weird and creepy fact about Butter’s past is revealed that he once killed hundreds of people in a weird tap dance performance. So can a lighting strike twice at the same place?

31: Terrance and Phillip In: ‘Not Without My Anus

best south park episodes - terrence

Notable quote from this episode: ” Phillip: What are you doing Scott? Scott: I’m wishing cancer upon you.”

IMDB Rating:  6.7

Anyone who loves South Park knows Terrance and Phillip, with their farts jokes and weird Canadian accent, they became a popular side show to the show. And although season two of South Park has many memorable moments like ” Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls ” that will be forever engraved in our minds, Terrance and Phillip managed to get right up there with him. the two were shown in season one but now they’re back with their own showcase ” Not Without My Anus ” which is just insane. Saddam Hussein’s head gives an appearance and many other weird and funny stuff are going on there. It seems that the creators of South Park only want to show us how ridiculous they can be, and it works.

These were the best South Park episodes we could find. Did we forget something? Do you have anything to add? Let us know.

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